The Female Photographer behind Eliud Kipchoge and Olympics Kenya Team kit Photography


Many thanks to the entire production team.

Lead Photographer: Lucy Maina

Lighting Directors : Patrick MusyimiJames Ndirangu and Kuria Maingi

Makeup : Nelly Nthenya

Project Cordinator: Whitney Mokua

Video Editor: Moses Muchai



I am Lucy Maina, a lead female Photographer in Nairobi Kenya and the Founder of Favier Productions. My niche and strength is in Corporate Headshots and Humanitarian Photography which has seen me travel across Africa and abroad to capture iconic images and people.

My Journey:

We are passionate about images that evoke compassion and change, without demeaning the other person’s opinion and way of life. Documentary Photography has captivated my heart the most because it demands that I immerse myself in different cultures, people’s way of thinking, living and that is magical to me! For me to be able to capture your story or your rawest moments, I’d have to probably live it, even if for just 5seconds and that, that is wealth to me; nothing can beat that.

I have been Blessed to do NGO projects in Mozambique and other Southern African countries, Juba, all of East Africa, runways in Ethiopia, amid partnerships and projects in South Korea.

My Goal: To mentor at least 100 children each year and to develop their Photography interest as a critical life-skill and career opportunity. Since 2019, we have programmes underway towards this and I would confidently say “To take pictures is to see life”

Olympics Kenya Team Photography

Olympics Kenya Team Photography
Favier Productions 'Behind the scenes'