Date:  08.04.18

Come enjoy the beautiful proposal story between Naipanoi and Simba!

But first, thank you to the lovely team that made all this possible.


Pilot: Captain Kai Tinga of Penial Air

Cinematography: Kipenz Films

Make-up: Sunshine

Photoshoot Locations: Ngong Hills

Photography: Yours Truly Favier Productions



Naipanoi and Simba met in March 2015 at the gym...(Yap! You got to start hitting the gym single ladies, haha)

and it's been a beautiful journey of Doctor meets Pilot thereafter.

The days leading to this proposal have been full of excitement as Simba shared his thoughts on his intended plan. It worked out perfectly and we are so excited to share the images as





A lovely selfie from Naipanoi who was clueless

Our Flashmob team emerged!

This is a favorite!